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Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge Free School Lane Cambridge CB23RF Tel. office +44 1223 769 336

Education and Career


1989- 1994

University of St. Petersburg, Department of Oriental Studies.

Degree in Oriental Studies (History of China)



Teaching diploma ‘Russian as a second language’ (RSL). 



Shandong University (Jinan), P.R. of China.  Advanced Chinese Language Training



Institute of the Far Eastern Studies (RAS), Moscow

Junior Research Fellow  at  ‘China-Russia’ Research Center headed by V. Myasnikov


1998- 2001

PhD student at  Institute of the Oriental Studies (RAS), Moscow


2001 – 2006 

Research Fellow at the Mongolian Studies Unit, Institute of the Oriental Studies (RAS), Moscow



PhD in Chinese History. Title of the Research Thesis ‘Qing Dynasty  Governors of Tibet and Mongolia’


2007 –  2009


Research Fellow at the Siberian Studies Centre, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Halle, Germany). Research Project on Buriad Diasporas living in China and Mongolia and their  transborder reconnection with homeland  


2010 –

July 2011

Research Fellow at Historical anthropology Project group, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Halle, Germany) Research Project on Administrative and Colonial Practices in Qing ruled China



Lecturer at Institute for Studies of Religions, Bern University, Switzerland (Institut für Religionswissenschaft, Philosophisch-historische Fakultät, Unversität Bern, Schweiz )


2013 – present

Research Associate, Department of Social Anthropology, Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit University of Cambridge

Fieldwork: China (since 1992 intermittently Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Qinghai province), Mongolia (eastern provinces), Russian Federation  (Eastern Siberia)

Languages: Russian (native); Mongolian (Buriad dialect native), Chinese (fluent), English (fluent), German (basic)

Professional bodies


Member of the International Association for Mongol studies (IAMS);  the EASIANTH  (web association of research network on East Asia Anthropology) and  the Research Network for Post-Socialist Cultural Studies ‘Soyuz’

Awards, Grants and Prizes




The USSR Ministry of Education - 1 year scholarship Chinese language training at  Shandong University (PRC, Jinan)

J. Soros Foundation (Open Society Institute, Moscow) - grant to support 1 year individual research project ‘Buddhist peripheries of Russia’



Mongol-Tibetan Affairs Commission (Taiwan) -  1 year scholarship for advanced Chinese and classical Chinese language training; MA program at China Boundary Areas Studies Unit (prof. Tang Yi) at Department of  Ethnology, Taiwan Political University  (政治 大学, Taipei)





Embassy of the Mongolian Republic to the Russian Federation - Certificate of Honor dedicated to the 800th Anniversary of the Mongolian Statehood

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Post-doctoral Fellowship




Sigrid Rausing Scholarly Exchange Programme for 2 month visit to Mongolia &Inner Asia Studies Unit (MIASU) at Department of Social anthropology, University of  Cambridge



March 2012

March 2008

July 2009


May 2010

Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies (Ulan-Ude, Russia)

Department of Central Asian Studies, Indiana University (Bloomington, USA)

Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit (MIASU), University of Cambridge (UK)

Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies ‘Artes Liberales’ (Warsaw University, Poland)

 Conferences (last 4 years)


September 2008

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Workshop “Multiple moralities in contemporary Russia: Religion and transnational influences on shaping everyday life”. Paper presented “It was our Karma to be born in Russia”: Buddhist moralities in contemporary Buryatia


July 2009

Oxford (UK), “National Identity in Eurasia II: Migrancy and Diaspora”. Paper presented  “Liberation from a ‘Confusing past’: Social memory of Buriad Diasporas in China and Mongolia


July 2009

IUAES (Kunming, China), Panel “Comparative Study on the Culture of Transnational Nomadic Peoples”. Paper presented in Chinese and Mongolian languages “Life in a divided community: Aga Buriads between Russia, China and Mongolia


September 2010

University College London, Diasporas and Cosmopolitanism in Central and Eastern Europe: from Theory to Practice.  Paper presented Can Newcomers represent the lifestyle of Old-timers? Buriad Diaspora performing indigeneity of Grassland culture in China


July 5-6, 2010




18,  2010

THE NORTH ASIAN BORDERS WORKSHOPS (MIASU, Cambridge University) Trading, Smuggling and Migrating across Borders between China, Russia and Mongolia Paper presented “Interactions and identifications across  the border: Siberians in China and Chinese in Siberia”

THE NORTH ASIAN BORDERS WORKSHOPS (MIASU, Cambridge University) Politics, concepts and practicalities at the Chinese-Russian Border. Paper presented Palm-trees in the barren Mongolian steppe: Manzhouli border architecture and city planning”


April, 2011

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Workshop ‘Administrative and Colonial Practices in Qing Ruled China: Lifanyuan and Libu revisited’. Paper presented ‘The Junjichu (Grand Council) and Lifanyuan’s Policy of Ethnic Categorization: Making Use of Ethnicity in transborder Hulunbuir’


September,  2011




October 2011

Joint Conference of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAN (Moscow), Centre d’études franco-russe (Moscow) and the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) “Twenty Years after 1991: The Reshaping of Space and Identity”. Paper presented ‘Religious life of the Buriad transborder community in Buddhist peripheries of Russia and China

Discussant at the Panel “Recent developments in ethnic identity of indigenous Siberian peoples” Symposium organized by the Centre d’Etudes sur la Chine Moderne et Contemporaine (UMR 8173 EHESS/CNRS) and the Centre d’Etudes Chinoises (Asia Team), INALCO “The dynamics of China’s Borderlands, 18th – 21st centuries” (Paris). Paper presented ‘Human movements across the Qing northern borderland (with special reference to  transnational history of Ghantimur family)’


July 2012

Conference of the Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies (Ulan-Ude, Russia) ‘World of the Central Asia”. Paper presented ‘Ethnography of the maimaicheng trading outposts in the Qing ruled Mongolia: case of  Maimaicheng-Kyachta trade enclave at the Russian frontier’


Organization of the International Workshops and Seminars:

7 - 8 April, 2011

Administrative and Colonial Practices in Qing Ruled China: Lifanyuan and Libu revisited at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Outline and Program at

Teaching experience:

Autumn and Spring Semesters

2011 -2012

Blockseminar: Tibetan Buddhists in the Late Imperial China

(BA und MA Science of Religion, BA und MA Central Asian Studies) 

List of published and forthcoming works

  • Title: - Buriad migrations and separations in the twentieth century

Question of Loyalty at the Russia-China-Mongolia border:  Russian Buriads in Manchukuo Imperial Army

Journal/Volume: , 『内モンゴルを知るための70章』, 株式会社 明石書店.

Published by: Tokio: Akashi Publishing House. In print

Editors: Katsuzato & B. Burensain

  • Title: (Russ.) Kto takie ‘russkii nagasa’ i ‘mongolskii zee’ ? Avunkulat kak metaphora dlya  vyrazheniya sotsial’nogo rodstava i neravenstva u buriyat Mongolii i Kitaya

[Who are they - ‘Russian nagasa’ and ‘Mongol zee’ ? How Buriad diasporas in China and Mongolia  use Avuncular terminology to express social kinship and unequalities]

English version available here

Journal/Volume:  Tartaria Magna, 2/2012. pp.  98-127

Published by: Ulan-Ude: IMBT SO RAN

Editors: Nikolai Tsyrempilov

  • Title: (Russ.) Dillemy tsinskoi migratsionnoi politiki v prigranichnom Hulun-Buire na primere uchasti musulman – taranchi [Dilemmas of the Qing Migration Policy in Frontier Hulun-Buir: Case Study of the Muslim Taranchi–Uyghurs’ Replacement]

Journal/Volume: Gumanitarnyi Vektor

Published by: Chita: Zabaikal’skii state university, 2012. pp. 155-164

  • Title: (Russ.) Umalchivaemaya istoriya buryat v ocherkakh B.B. Namsaraeva

[Silenced history of Buriads highlighted by B. B. Namsaraev]

Journal/Volume:  (Bur.) Minii shүleg – bodolaim khүleg, Minii nutag – nahanaim түsheg

Published by: Ulaan-Ude: Buriadei gүrenei universitedei kheblel. 2012. pp. 137-147

Editors: Bair Namsaraev & Vladimir Namsaraev

  • Title: (Russ.) Migratsii vo Vnutrennei Azii tsinskogo perioda: diaspori kontaktnoi zony Kyachta-Maimaichen  [Migrations in Inner Asia during the Qing period: diasporas of the Kyachta-Maimaicheng contact zone]


Published by: Ulan-Ude: Vestnik of Buriad State university (1/2013)

Editors: Alexei Michalev

  • Title: Saddling up the border: Buriad migration within  the Russian-Chinese frontier space

Journal/Volume:, Frontiers and Boundaries of China, pp. 223-245

Published by: Asiatische Forschungen: Harrassowitz, 2012

Editors: Ildikó Bellér-Hann & Zsombor Rajkai

  • Title: Ritual and Memory in the Buriad Diaspora Notion of Home (nutag)

Journal/Volume:, Frontier Encounters: Knowledge and Practice at the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian Border pp. 136- 163

Published by: Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2012 

Editors: Caroline Humphrey, Franck Billé and Grégory Delaplace

  • Title: (Germ.) Die Rolle der mongolischen Sprache in interkulturellen Kontakten zwischen  Rußland und China (im Verlauf des 18. Jahrhunderts)

[Mongol language as mediation language between China and Russia in the 18th century]

Journal/Volume: Die Erforschung Sibiriens im 8. Jahrhundert Beiträge der Deutsch-Russischen Begegnungen in den Franckeschen Stiftungen   pp.147-158

Published by: Halle: Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen, Germany 2011.

Editors: Wieland Hintzsche und Joachim Otto Habeck (Hrsg.)

  • Title: The Metaphorical use of Avuncular terminology in Buriad diaspora relationship  with Homeland and Host Society

Journal/Volume: Inner Asia, 13 (2011): 201-230

Published by: Global Oriental, UK

Editors: Caroline Humphrey

  • Title: 俄罗斯、中国和蒙古三国的布利亚特族群划分

[Life in a divided community: Buriads between Russia, China and Mongolia]

Volume Review on Siberian studies at Max Planck Institute for Social anthropology” pp. 120-155

Title in Chinese “马克斯普朗克社会人类学研究所西伯利亚研究回顾”

Published by: Beijing: Ethnic Publishing House (民族出版社), 2009.

Editors: Sayana Namsaraeva & Nima

  • Title: (Russ.) Politicheskii aspect religioznoi zhizni sovremennoi Buryatii

[Political aspects of religious life in nowadays Buryatia]

Volume, Religion in history and culture of Mongol speaking peoples of Russia

Published by:  Moscow: Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS, 2008 pp.58-87

Editors: Natalya Zhukovskaya

  • Title: (Russ.) Kontseptsiya ‘kitaiskoi natsii (zhonghuaminzu)   i shenehenskie buriyaty kak ee komponent

[Concept of ‘Chinese nation’ (zhonghuaminzu) and Shenehen Buriads as its component]

Volume, Diasporas in Modern World

Published by: Ulan-Ude: Buriad State University, 2008. pp. 250-256.

Editors, City: Lubov Abaeva

  • Title:, (Russ.) Sistema okhrany rossiisko-mongol’skoi granitsy v period pravleniya dinastii Tsin [Russian-Mongolian frontier survey during the Qing dynasty]

Volume, Historical development of Mongolia and Russian-Mongolian relations

Published by: Moscow: Institute of Sociology and Institute of Oriental Studies RAS, 2006. pp. 104-111

Editors: Alexander Zheleznyakov

  • Title: Buddiistskoe Palomnichestvo vo Vnutrennei Azii [Buddhist pilgrimage in Inner Asia]

Volume, Buddhism: Canons, History and Art pp. 408-412

Published by: Moscow: DIK, 2006

Editors: Tsymzhit Vanchikova

  • Title: (Russ.) Palomnichestvo k svyatynyam Tibeta

[Transborder Buddhist pilgrimage to holy Tibet]

Volume (Russ.) Istoriko-kul’turnii Atlas Buryatii

[Historical and Cultural Encyclopedia of Buryatia] Pp.461-463

Published by: Moscow: DIK, 2001

Editors: Natalya Zhukovskaya

  • Editorship/ co-editing:

Title: Collective volume “Review on Siberian studies at Max Planck Institute for Social anthropology” (Chinese ‘马克斯普朗克社会人类学研究所西伯利亚研究回顾)

Published by: Ethnic Publishing House (民族出版社) , 2009

Co-editors: Nima

City, Country: Peking, China

  • Writing Reviews:       

Book reviewing for The Central Asian Survey (occasionally)