General Information

Born: 9.15.1975, New York, NY
Citizenships: USA, Israel
Military rank: Staff Sergeant, Israeli Defense Force

Formal Education

PhD in progress: University of Chicago, Anthropology (Estimated 2015)
Committee: Judith Farquhar (chair), John Kelly, William Mazzarella

MA: University of Chicago, Anthropology (2006)
Thesis: “A Multiform Tendency”: Wholeness in Robert Redfield’s Civilizations Project
Advisers: George Stocking Jr., Judith Farquhar

BA: Amherst College, Anthropology, magna cum laude (2003)
Thesis: Franz Boas and the Discovery of Culture
Advisers: Lawrence A. Babb, Andrew Parker
High School: Meyerhoff Technical College, Tel Aviv University, Israel (1994)

Language Skills

Language study relevant to Inner Asia (5 languages)
1. 4 years of Mandarin Chinese (Amherst College, 1999-2003)
2. 1 semester of intensive Mandarin Chinese (Peking University, China, 2002)
3. Intensive Mongolian (International School of Mongolian Studies, Mongolia, 2004)
4. Mongolian Language Proficiency exam (administered by Indiana University, 2008)
5. Private tutoring in Mongolian (Chicago, 2004-present)
6. 1.5 years of Korean (Amherst College and University of Chicago, 2002-2004)
7. 1 year of Russian (Amherst College, 2002)
8. 2/3 year of Japanese (University of Chicago, 2005)

Other language skills (3 languages)

1. Native speaker of Hebrew
2. Arabic (Elementary school level)
3. 1 semester of American Sign Language (Smith College, 2002)

Teaching Experience

Lecturer and course designer (2 courses)

1. Colonizations II: The Pacific Rim (University of Chicago, 2007)
2. Anthropological Theory (University of Illinois at Chicago, 2007)

Teaching assistant at the University of Chicago (4 courses)

1. Introduction to East Asian Civilizations I: China (Guy Alitto, 2006)
2. Colonizations II: The Pacific Rim (Kesha Fikes, 2006)
3. Love in a Time of Capitalism (Holly Swyers, 2006)
4. Medicine and Society in 20th Century China (Judith Farquhar, 2005)

Overseas teaching experience in Inner and East Asia (3 countries)

1. Private English tutor (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2004)
2. SAT I and SAT II: World History teacher at Yuhak Solutions (Seoul, Korea, 2003)
3. English teacher at Aston 1 English School (Changchun, China, 2002)

Additional teaching experience (3 positions)

1. Academic writing tutor at Amherst College, Amherst, MA (2000-2003)
2. After-school teacher at Fort River Elementary, Amherst, MA (2001)
3. C++ programming instructor at Meyerhoff Technical College, Israel (1994)

Area Studies

With relevance to Inner and East Asia (4 courses)

1. Modern China: Anthropological and Historical Approaches (University of Chicago, 2004)
2. History of Modern China (Amherst College, 2000)
3. Buddhism (Amherst College, 2000)
4. National Identity, with focus on China (Amherst College, 1999)


1. Summer FLAS for the study of Khalkh Mongolian (USA, 2004)
2. Fellowship for Graduate Studies (Amherst College, 2004)
3. Century Fellowship (University of Chicago, 2003)
4. Member of Phi Betta Kappa (Since 2003)
5. Israeli Union of Industrialists’ Invention Award (Israel, 1995)
(software toolkit for creating three-dimensional visual simulation applications)


In press 2012. Review of Living with Herds (Natasha Fijn: 2011). Environment and Society 3.