Nationality                    German, US-American

Sex                               Female

Current Address            Max-Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology, Advokatenweg 36,

06114 Halle/Saale, Germany

Institute of History, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Department of Ethnology, Social and Cultural Anthropology

Jucov Street 77, Ulaanbaatar – 13343, Mongolia

Phone: +49 345 2927106

Mobile: +976 94165466


Present occupation       PhD Student and Research Assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute for

Social Anthropology

Guest PhD student at the History Institute of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Arena of the study         Forms of  Respect and Disregard in Mongolia, Historical

Anthropology, Value, Kinship, subject- formation, post-socialist transformations, tradition and urban anthropology


2013        Guest PhD Student Institute of History, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

2009        Summer School for Young Mongolists, Mongolian Educational University,

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2010         MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

2004        Visiting Semester (Journalism) at North Central Michigan College,

Petoskey, Michigan, USA

Work experience

2012 - till now    Research Assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute, Halle, Germany

2011                 English teacher at Partners for Sustainable Development,

  Hebron, Palestine 

Research project and field experience

2013               Doctoral Field Research, Inteviews and Archival Research on

Forms of Respect and Disregard in Mongolia

2007/2008       Magister field research in Ulaanbaatar on “Respect as Total Social Fact:

Khundetgekh Yos – Relations of Respect in Ulaanbaatar”

Memberships        German Association for Ethnology

Board Member of “Children’s Ger” – non-formal school and community work

List of Publication        

Journal Article

2013    Contextualizing Global Processes in Negotiating Custom (publication forthcoming)

2013    Kinship as “culture”? Approach towards the meaning of soyol (‘culture’) as a relationship of seniority in Mongolia (publication forthcoming)

2009    Ulaanbaatarchuudin biye biyenee khundetgekh yosni ach kholbogdlig sudalsan ni. Mongol sudlalin undesnii kholboo.                              

Conference papers

2013   Contextualizing Global Processes in Negotiating Custom. International Symposium "Mongolian Responses to Globalisation Processes," Bonn, Germany

2012    Khundetgekh Yos – Forms of Respect and Disregard in Mongolian Culture. Research Colloquium at the Department of Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia, Halle, Germany

2011    Khundetgekh Yos – Relations of Respect in Ulaanbaatar. European Society for Central Asian Studies, Cambridge, UK

2011     Kinship as “culture”? Approach towards the meaning of soyol (‘culture’) as a relationship of seniority in Mongolia. German Association for Ethnology, Vienna, Austria

2008     An Approach towards the Meaning of Respect in Interpersonal Relationships in Ulaanbaatar. Colloquium of the Humboldt Unversity, Berlin, Germany


2011   Benteler, M. Shared Values: Hierarchy and affinity among the Latin Catholics of coastal Kerala, South India. (In Press)

Language skills             English                        native

                                      German                       native

                                      Mongolian                   advanced

                                      Arabic                         intermediate