The study of Mongolia and Inner Asia is of growing interest within academia, with a wide range of work being done among anthropologists around the world.  These scholars, researchers, and students are often based in different countries and are not aware of each other’s work and/or are not in effective contact with each other.  To amelorate this situation and in an effort to unify the field, the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the National University of Mongolia, with the support of the Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies Unit at the University of Cambridge is building a website with a database of anthropologists and other scholars in related fields working on subjects related to Mongolian and Inner Asia.  We hope that the website will facilitate conversation and communication within the subfield, and in this way strengthen the anthropology of Mongolia and Inner Asia.   

The purpose of this website is to serve as a platform for anthropologists and scholars from related fields to get acquainted with the work being done in the field and thus we would like to be as inclusive as possible in the process of synthesizing materials.  Thus, if you are working in the subfield of Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies, we would be most grateful if you would send us information about your work. We would like to feature a CV (inclusive of all publications), a min-biography of about a half page describing your academic interests and work experience, and a recent photograph.  Please send this information to the contact information listed on this website.

If you are aware of other scholars or students committed to doing research in the field of Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies, we would be most grateful if you would make them aware of this website and encourage them to send their materials to us.  We are looking forward to growing the field of Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies in a positive way, creating more opportunties for collaboration and discussion, and finding new ways to support this important and exciting field.  Thank you very much for visiting this website and for your contribution to the sustainable growth of Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies.